BD International Scholars 2561

December 7 - 16, 2018.

配合中華民國新南向政策,佛光大學與泰國-台灣(BDI)科技學院合作辦理華語暨文化學習活動,自12月7日至16日為期十天,由泰國台灣科技學院邀請泰國姊妹校Eco-school聯盟及北柳府Datdaruni女子中學師生擇優報名,共計25名師生參與此次活動。相關行政協調、支援與安排,則委由BD international Scholars協助辦理。所有師生於今(7)日上午抱著無比興奮的心情,在父母及師長的歡送下搭乘10:55分華航班機前往台灣。
In cooperation with the Taiwan's (Republic of China) New Southbound Policy, Fo Guang University has cooperated with Thai-Taiwan (BDI) Technological College to held a Holiday school-Mandarin learning program. This 2018 FGU Holiday School starts from December 7 to 16 with the duration of ten days. By this chance, Thai-Taiwan (BDI) Technological College had invited Eco-School and Datdaruni School in Chachoengsao to join us and there is a total of 25 registered participants, including teachers and students, in this event. The related planning, administrative coordinations, and supports are all handled by BD International Scholars. This morning on December 7th, all teachers and students were very excited for the trip and getting ready to take off on the 10:55am China Airline flight CI-834 to Taiwan!

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